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“Grandpa was so depressed when he got his terminal diagnosis. From that day on, he shut right up. I didn’t think he would ever speak again. I tried to look after him for a while ourselves, but he didn’t make it easy for me, always stubbornly refusing to take his medicine or eat his food. He was trying to accelerate his end, I’m sure. I was so badly over my head with him, and I realized I needed help—a lot of help. I hired Unique Care Los Angeles Hospice to help look after him. They all did a great job, but special mention goes to Mila, the health aide … I don’t know if she told a joke or what she did, but Grandpa was crying with laughter after her first visit. After that, he wouldn’t stop talking about Mila! “When’s Mila coming over next?” “Hey, did you see Mila’s new haircut?” and so on! I never thought that anyone would be able to pull grandpa out of his depression. Grandpa hung on for months, and every time Mila came over he would be full of life and laughter. So, thanks for everything, Mila. ”

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