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“There was so much we didn’t know how to do when Dad got sick. We were all willing to help—me, my wife, my brother and sister, my kids, our nieces and nephews—it was no problem for us to find time to help. We made a schedule so nobody would be overworked. But we didn’t know how to help. How do we help Dad out of bed without hurting him? What medication can we give him? What if he gets hurt? We had a million questions, but on our own, so few answers. But the staff at UCLAH were great and so patient with us. They cared for us as much as they did for Dad. The doctor and nurse made sure we all understood Dad’s medication and needs. The therapists told us how to help Dad exercise, letting us help manage his pain. The home aides were a joy to work with, always cheerful and gentle with Dad.”

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